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Valentine's Day: A day of love and special moments

It's pink, it's red and it's romantic. It's full of chocolate, kisses and champagne.It's pink, it's delicious, it's cowardly and full of love. It's Valentine's Day!  Happy Valentines Day Messages 2018

Love is in the air!
The one day of the year celebrating the whole world is around the corner! Get nostalgic about love with Laurika, and get your full Valentine's Guide to make the day very special.
My Hero Was Elvis, My Elvis My Heartbreak Hotel When You Could Call Me With A Tie We Lets A Red Glass Of Wine On Our Skinny And Pain And Passing On To The Nostalgia Remember You The Deciding Love Had No limbs Together fighting against the steeples Here we stand Stronger and stronger


 See what are these celebrities planning for the day of love:
We are now shooting the movie Countryside and returning 14th February to Peace for a final scene . We will certainly have a meal at that Verkykerskop restaurant in that beautiful part of the world. Lianie MayLianie May
Because my boyfriend, Mauritius, the 14th may not be here because of his work (he's a navigator in the trade fleet), we decided to celebrate an early Valentine's Day. We spent several days at Ponta do Ouro in Mozambique to go swimming with dolphins. We also did a course in human-to-dolphin communication. It was not just a romantic adventure, but also a lot of mind expanding ! Vicky DavisVicky Davis
"Because Schalk is singing for Navi Redd, they are always fully booked on Valentine's Day. But this year, I and a lot of friends are watching their performance so I'm not alone, and so that he can sing for me! We will also watch U2 in Johannesburg the night before. We look forward to it. "- Mandi BaardMandi du Plooy
"This year we will not go out. Valentine's Day is so commercial and everyone wants to eat in restaurants, but it's too full and too expensive. I would rather cook a feast at home. I love to cook and create a nice atmosphere with candles and flowers. "- Tanya van GraanTanya van Graan
"We do not really celebrate Valentine's Day, but me and my husband have adate night once a week We realized that we do not spend more time with the children and our full diaries, so we get a caregiver once a week and then we are doing something nice. It can be anything from a drink somewhere to a delicious dinner in a hotel. We actually love Valentine's Day every week ... "- Milan MurrayMilan Murray
"I and Bok (van Blerk) are in Pretoria busy with the filming of Countryside .He has many scenes that day, but when he's done, we go to the Phoenix Spur in Brooklyn Mall. My charity project, Hanna Charity, takes children to work with the waiters. They learn that work is good and that one has to take responsibility for your own life. We are going to support them. Sunday evening we are going to watch U2, so we will enter Valentine's Day ... "-Hanna GroblerHanna Grobler


Nadia ValvekensNADIA VALVEKENS What beauty product for Valentine's Day? My favorite remains a perfume and I love Dolce & Gabbana Rose The One (R840 for 50ml EDP). The soft flower notes make me feel feminine, while still subtle. What qualities do you fall in love with? I love sincerity, an open face and honest eyes. It's nice for me to look in someone's eyes and knowing that I see the truth.Dolce & Gabbana Rose The One
Werner CoetzerWERNER COETZER What beauty product for Valentine's Day? A nice aftertaste like Aramis Classic Aftershave (R325 for 60ml). If you know you smell good, it gives you the confidence to approach people and you know people can approach you. Your smell attracts people. What qualities do you fall in love with? The love and light that the other person radiates. There is nothing so important to know that the other person is very loving. You can always do with extra love!Armani Classic Aftershave
Corine du Toit
CORINE DU TOIT What beauty product for Valentine's Day? I'm a fan of DV8 make-up because the natural mineral pigments give you that fresh and sexy look. I also like the romantic smell of Ralph Lauren Romance (R785 for 50 ml EDP), so I will use the smell of the scent, the body cream and the perfume. What qualities do you fall in love with? Dexterity and love for animals and your fellow human beings, and honesty.Ralph Lauren Romance
Lika BerningLIKE BERNING Which beauty product for Valentine's Day? A nice perfume! I love vanilla-body spray like that of The Body Shop, I wear it with me every day. Vanielje reminds me of a bakery where I can have coffee with my husband and eat cookies. For the evening I love DKNY Red Delicious (R595 for 50 ml EDP). It makes me feel special with notes of vanilla, apple and raspberry. What qualities do you fall in love with? What immediately fell in love with my husband was how he spoke to animals and children - his tone when communicating with them. I think someone's interaction with others is a lot of fun.DKNY Red Delicios
 Kahn MorbeeKAHN MORBEElead singer of The Parlotones What beauty product for Valentine's Day? I recently got Nimue products to try and enjoy it right now. I think I'll wear a nice perfume. I like something light and fresh. At the moment I use Acqua Di Giò ForMen from Giorgio Armani (R675 for 50 ml EDT), but I try something new every time I buy a scent. What qualities do you fall in love with? Someone I can get along with. Initially, it's about attractiveness and what you find attractive, but later, other features are important, such as having fun and laughing together. For me, it's not a specific feature, because it's more important to have a team and have good conversations.Acqua Di Gio for Men - Giorgio Armani
Donnalee RobbertsDONNALE ROBBERTS Which beauty product for Valentine's Day? I love flavors and many of my favorite memories are linked to flavors. On my wedding day I carried Calvin Klein 's Euphoria (R790 for 50 ml EDP) and I felt the most beautiful day in my life! From then on, if I do, it brings back the same feeling. What qualities do you fall in love with? A passion for life, the ability to see God's miracles in even the smallest things, adventurousness and a good sense of humor.Calvin Klein - Euphoria

From the table to the tiger lilies, we just show you how!


Already thinking of inviting good friends on Valentine's Day? Send each your menu with a recipe and let everyone eat something. All that remains is to cover the most beautiful table!